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Straightforward Solutions

Federations and Clubs

Our systems are the power behind many sports federations for tournament, membership and rankings database management, whilst at the front end our highly functional, good looking websites offer on-line registration, payments, live results and more. The core of our business started at sports club level many years ago and we are proud to have thousands of sports clubs operating our award winning systems day to day.


A Sports Federation's website is it's gateway to the world - providing the touch-point for all the members, associates and fans. Latest news and information, points for discussion and the latest media must all be kept up-to-date and fresh.  Horizon's Joomla! websites allow you achieve all of this as well as handle the day-to-day administration needs of your organisation such as membership, event registration and subscription payments.  Our Websites section contains more information and links to various solutions.

Software Solutions for Sports Federations

Horizon's systems are the power behind many sports rankings management, membership management and tournament management. Our wealth of experience, working with sports federations over fifteen years, mean we can offer a level of sophistication and complexity in our technology, behind the scenes, that would take years for another company starting from scratch, years to replicate at a high cost that they would pass on to you! Your organisation can benefit from our investment in developing our systems by purchasing very reasonably priced off-the-shelf packages that we can tailor to suit your organisation. All of our systems are integrated too, to help you eliminate data duplication and make your operations more efficient.

The Women's International Squash Association, Swedish Squash, Squash South Africa, England Squash, England Bowls, English Table Tennis, World Croquet, World Bowls, and many more federations rely on Horizon's systems for their specialist software needs.

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Sports Club Software

We are proud of our award winning range of specialist club software, recommended by several sports governing bodies and used by over a thousand clubs across the UK  and many of the major sports universities too.  Many years of development working with a wide range of sports clubs, with diverse needs means Horizon now has a great range of flexible, easy-to-use off-the-shelf packages for League management (with on-line results updating , Tournament management, Membership management and easy to use website content management (utilising Joomla!).

We pride ourselves on personal service and have expert Help Desk staff who are knowledgeable about sports management as well as our systems.  We offer training too and annual support contracts and upgrades, for added peace of mind.  We have lots of happy customers who have been with us for a long time and will be pleased to recommend our systems and service. 

Get in touch and we will be happy to chat about your needs and introduce you to current users, who are our best sales people!