Live to the world
Live to the world


Webcasting (Internet TV) is a cost-effective way to provide a worldwide audience with live coverage and on-demand video footage from your events.   Full match coverage, highlights clips, interviews, presentations,  promotional videos - we film, produce, stream, host content and support end users - the full service!

Webcasting Quick Overview

  • We run all our own media servers, giving complete control
  • Live streaming, on-demand streaming and downloads
  • Simple monetising of your webcasts
  • Regional media servers to give best connection
  • Live help desk support during live productions
  • Detailed statistics of webcast viewers after the event
  • Geo-blocking ability to protect distribution rights 
  • Embed video in your own site
  • or create a portal for all your content
  • or use free of charge Logo

Your Audience

Your audience is the most important thing to you when it comes to webcasting.  They can be a few hand-picked individuals watching an important presentation, or an mass audience watching from all around the world.   Our systems are designed not only to allow you to control who watches what and when, but to give you detailed statistics of who watched what and when!  

Live and On Demand

Our live productions are like TV programmes, with titles, music, graphics, multi-camera angles, commentators, advertising, results information, scoreboards, slow motion replays, interviews, its almost as good as being there!  We also make your content available to download or be re-streamed on demand, days, months or years after it was originally filmed.  Popular on demand content includes interviews, adverts, training videos and promotional material. 

" Thank you to your team for allowing us to access the live video stream from the recent Biathle World Championships in Bulgaria.  Without this we would not have been able to see our son participating.  South Africa is a long way away and it was absolutely wonderful to be part of his day, all thanks to you.  Kind regards, JL, a proud and appreciative parent. "

Revenue Streams

Pay per view for access to your video content is a great revenue stream.  There are lots of options, including selling webcasts like tickets for individual matches or days, or season-ticket packages or you can provide free webcasts.  On demand content can create a valuable archive which brings in additional sources of revenue for years to come.  Whichever suits your organisation we have the systems in place to manage all of the payment, security and access functions you could need.

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We can embed video in your own website, or build you a website specifically for your video content.  Alternatively our website offers all of the streaming and payment features you need where you can have your own dedicated area free of charge. We also utilise third parties like YouTube to maximise your exposure.  If you want to limit access to your video content we can also employ geo-blocking (cutting out specific countries) or have secure access only for a privileged few!