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Beautiful and Functional



We have great designers and we utilise the powerful Joomla! content management system so you can keep your website up-to-date yourself simply, but we offer so much more. Member registration and login, pay per view (for video content), online shops, online accounts and a team of accomplished developers for specialist integration projects.  Always on top of the latest web compliance legislation, with Horizon you are future proof too! As always we offer great value and a commitment to execute and deliver to your deadlines.

We use Joomla!

We use Joomla! for nearly everything!  We create our client's sites with Joomla!, we develop all our tools and displays with Joomla!   We're involved with Joomla! user groups in the UK and members of our team are helping on the 2011 Joomla! Day UK.  

For us, Joomla! is the best of both worlds.  It's a powerful platform for us to create things like athlete managers, results displays and league listings while being user-friendly enough for clubs, events, teams and federations to use it every day adding new content and generally making the websites they want to make. 

Websites for Sporting Events


For the majority of people, your website will be their gateway to the news, results, dates, videos, directions, ticket costs and everything else they need to know about your events.  Catering for people who will be on site every day to those who live the other side of the world is equally important, be they participants, fans or the media.  We can incorporate video content too for real live action (live streamed or to download).  See more about our webcasting services.

Websites for Sporting Federations, Clubs and Teams

We can help any federation build a new site from scratch or improve an existing website with a mixture of detailed results, statistics and athlete information, detailed reporting of news and events and a central point for media of all kinds. We can also build bespoke features for rankings updates, club searches, live results feeds etc.  We can show you how to integrate all your content and activities with social networks so that your fanbase can follow and discuss latest events, results and news.  

At club level we keep things simple with cost-effective templates tailored for you, and an easy to use content management system to keep your club activities updated daily. 




We like to keep our pricing as competitive as possible, whilst offering scalable solutions for all sizes of organisation.  For example our website design for a small business is £695 + VAT which includes a year of free hosting and a free or .com  domain name.   We always aim to be competitive with set up costs and just as importantly with ongoing annual costs.   We charge just £55 pa for hosting and £150 pa for optional Help Desk services from our friendly team.  

So get in touch if you are thinking of improving your web presence, a chat is always free and we are always happy to advise. 

Here are some "we prepared earlier"!

and if there's nothing here that works for you, don't worry, we have really creative designers as well as thousands of templates and styles to choose from!